We provide litigious and non-litigious services in relation to all kind of family disputes
• Separation
• Divorce
• Pre-nuptial and cohabitation agreements
• Arrangements for children or custody matters
• Child support
• Relocation with children
• Property and financial settlement agreement
• Spousal maintenance
• Superannuation splitting
• Intervention orders
• Domestic Violence

Family dispute is a conflict that usually happen within the family members. It may be within couples, parents and children, siblings who are living together or with close relationship. This may include among their grandparents. It is not uncommon disputes occur between separated couples and their families. For example over the following instances family disputes may occur among family members. We understand the following matters are commonly lead to family disputes.
• a Child’s behaviour
• Children’s education, health and welfare
• Parenting plan
• Maintenance of the child specially between separated couples
• Upon breach of trust by one partner to other
• Parenting responsibilities
• Breach of promises
• Dispute regarding property of finance
• Relationship breakdown
• Domestic violence

The breakdown of a relationship among the partners either de facto or marriage, can be stressful. In most cases couples who want to be separated from their partners over a family disputes need a peaceful financial and property settlement. Therefore it is advisable parties to seek legal advice on how to reach on a peaceful final settlement and make care arrangements for the children.

It is embarrassing one party to suggest other party to enter into a binding agreement before commencement or during their relationship. But the reality is that unexpectedly and unintentionally a relationship could be damaged for unforseen reasons. In those circumstance, either party or both parties may seek refuge in silence or seek legal protection which causes enormous trouble, stressful or most importantly erosion of family wealth for the legal battle. A prenuptial agreement has the capacity to promote greater communication and happiness during the marriage or during the relationship between two. Therefore, law recognises the concept of ‘Pre-Nuptial Agreements in Australia’.

• When there are disputes arise regarding the children, the best interests of the child is the paramount consideration of court.
• Each parent has parental responsibility for the child, which means all the duties, powers, responsibilities and authority which by law parents have in relation to children.
• Therefore, couples are strongly advised to seek legal advice before entering into an agreement concerning parenting responsibilities