Our Principal

We accept legal works of corporate clients, businesses community, public authorities, charities, and individuals. All our clients can discuss their legal matters initially free of charge. Should your case requires, we ensure that all legal matters are referred to appropriate Barristers, accredited specialists or QCs experts in relevant area of law.

Our lawyers are passionate about solving legal problems, accelerating business growth, and protecting our clients’ assets and legal rights. If require, we ensure Barristers’ appearance in courts or tribunals.

Our policy is advising clients the best option to minimise the costs.

All legal matters handle by us always under strict supervision of our eminent team leader ex High Court Judge Samarakoon.

Our founder

Our founder is Justice Sam Samarakoon who is a former High Court Judge (Appellate Court) of Sri Lanka with extensive experience in legal industry is the Director of International Lawyers Ltd in Australia. He was the chief judge of District court of Colombo. He was a District Judge and Magistrate of Sri Lanka for nearly 26 years. He is/was:

    • a Barrister & Solicitor in Victoria (AU)
    • an Attorney – at – Law (legal practitioner) (SL)
    • a Justice of Peace in Sri Lanka and New Zealand
    • a Freelance law lecturer
    • the Principal partner of law firm of “Samarakoon Associates” from 1985 to 1987 (SL)
    • the international legal adviser and consultant to the International construction company of “Wanfernd” Consulting Co Ltd
    • a the Law Tutors of Tallpoppy Tutors – in Australia
    • an academically and professionally qualified and trained in Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Australia
    • a Law Tutor from 1977 – 1980 in Administrative Law at Tertiary Level (SL)
    • a Law Lecturer from 1982 – 1985 in Contract and Commercial Law at Tertiary Level (SL)
    • he was a trainer and a Mentor to Magistrates and District Judges in Sri Lanka during the period of 2003 – 2009 (SL)
    • he was two times President of the Association of District Judges & Magistrates in 2003/ 2004/2005 in Sri Lanka (SL)
    • he was the President of the High Court Judges Association in Sri Lanka in 2009 (SL)
    • a Member of Bar Association of Sri Lanka
    • a member of Law Institute of Victoria